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How to install Rogue Custom Firmware?

➤ Download (POCKETGO2_ROGUE_CFW): 

Download the PocketGo V.1.2 CFW

Download PocketGo.V1.0_CFW_10-06-2019

How to play games on PocketGo?

How to install the Custom firmware on PocketGo?

How to install the rainbow buttons?

How to fix Screen Light Bleed?

How to fix "L", "R" buttons' issue( Press "L" goes to right, press "R" goes to left )?

What kinds of games you can play on PocketGo? (PS1, GBA, SNES, NES, GBC, GB, PCE, NEOGEO, MAME/ Arcade, Atari, SMD, SMS, DOS and more)